Rate, Relevance, and other stuff that should start with "R" for the sake of alliteration

Friday, July 10, 2009

Svenn recently crossed the 50 post mark on this blog, not a huge number but significant in terms of whether or not this was a passing fancy (it's not, Svenn won't be going anywhere anytime soon). Looking through the past posts he came to the conclusion that they come in basically two types:

Type 1- OK; that is to say, they were mildly interesting, amusing, or in some small way helpful to someone...possibly.

Type 2- Slightly better than Straight Awful, but not so good as to waste any time on or SBTSA for short. These posts mainly revolve around the nightly goings on of Svenn and his host of Alts without conveying anything of much significance. Svenn isn't going to make excuses for them, he knows he can do better, which leads me to the "R" stuff.

Rate and Relevance: The ideal is for Svenn to post every day of the week. Even with the comparatively easy assignment he is currently enjoying, Svenn puts in quite a few hours at work. Add to that family, house work, and finishing a Master's Degree (eventually) and time disappears rapidly. All this leads to the occasional SBTSA post. In order to combat this from occuring, Svenn has decided to quit his job, divorce his family, and never mow the lawn again. He will move into a van down by the river (solves the lawn mowing problem) and eat Cheetos and Ramen, while alternately cranking out quality blog content and raiding with a super 1337 guild.

OK, maybe he will just impose some limits (no weekend updates, sorry all). Being the intrepid blogosphere trekker that he is Svenn has garnered some ideas from what he considers to be well respected bloggers (note to self, remember to delurk now that Svenn has officially outed you).

Weekday Themes. Some blogs of note have a theme for a particular day of the week.
Vanity Plates: Creepiness in 8 Characters or Less- Lovin' the Lord Sunday
RED PEN INC.- Foodie Friday
Cake Wrecks- Sunday Sweets

Svenn's ideas for this all pretty much sucked. I mean who wants to fire up the blog after a weekend away and read "Murloc Mondays" an ongoing saga about a small murloc named Grrmmlph who is trying to make his way in this phylumism filled world? -actually that sounds promising, but send in your suggestions anyways.

Blogging Teams. Some blogs have more than 1 author, a divide and conquer approach.
World of Snarkcraft
To Every Man A Manswer
Go Fug Yourself

Svenn might be open to this provided the right candidate presented themselves. For now he will probably content himself with the occasional guest poster, but you can always send in an resume to cptsvenn@gmail.com if you think you have the chops for it (what's the worst that can happen- the crushing rejection of Svenn related back to you through the miracle of the interweb in which your self-worth is called into question by his harsh reply? You'll never know until you try!). If you can spell better than Svenn, which shouldn't be all that challenging of task, you might just get the job.

Well, if you have any suggestions on themes, teams, or anything else let Svenn know. As for now, it will pretty much business as usual, at least until next Friday....but you will have to wait until then to find out what it is.


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