Off Night Activities

Monday, June 15, 2009

Saturday night Svenn tried out his new healing spec in Heroic UK. It quickly became apparent that he needed much more practice healing, as well as some better gear (mostly to compensate for being a rookie healer). Bluechicken tanked the run, and Hanka (Grayce's hunter), Emma, and Raenbow DPSed.

The run itself went fairly quickly, but I often got behind on healing and wound up letting someone die before the end of each fight (sorry Raen). We had one wipe on the second boss and several other random deaths on trash leading up to the final boss. That was enough to convince me that I was not ready yet (the few epics Svenn had picked up from Naxx and the Firestrider Chestguard from Ulduar were not enough to make up for the crummy blue quest rewards that made up the bulk of his gear). Raen turned tree for the last boss and helped out with the healing; we were able to finish the run without incident.

To help close the equipment gap Svenn cranked out some Argent Crusade dailies and hit exalted with the faction. This allowed him to purchase the Helm of Purified Thoughts and the Signet of Hopeful Light. Once again Grayce was kind enough to let Svenn avail himself of her jewel crafting skills to fill the open slots on the helm as well as some other healing gear which had been sitting empty. Combined with inscriptions, spell thread, and some enchant vellums from Ottar, Svenn is far more prepared for his next holy outing, and far poorer too.


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