More Misadventures in VH

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Last night saw Svenn tanking Heroic Violet Hold once again. This run however, was a bit different. The group filled quickly enough (after all, it wasn't a raid night); Corday brought her Rogue (Emmapeel), Innoonfire (Blue Chicken), and Saiff filled out the DPS cadre, but there was nary a healer in sight.

Enter Yallenna, Grayce's Holy Pally. Grayce had never healed heroic on Yallenna, in fact had never been in a Northrend instance at all with her. She had leveled her to 80 with the intention of healing with her, but had put her on the shelf in favor of the freeze your face off DPS of Grayce. She had decent gear; craftable epics and blues mainly, as well as some enchants and jems, so she was within the 1.5k recommended spell power range for heroics. As Yallenna frantically set up her Healbot while the group assembled, Svenn and other guildies assured her she would be fine. She was more than fine, she was exceptional.

The fast paced nature of VH was a bit of a challenge for her mana regen, but there was plenty of mage food, and the steady DPS output ensured that there was time to enjoy it between portal openings. The whole run went very smoothly, and no one went down until the very end with Cyanigosa's fate already sealed.

Her heals were spot on, her timing great, and the extra set of pally buffs were a nice addition to the stack. It was enjoyable to be running something with her again (Cromm had leveled to 70 with Yallenna, pre-Wrath). I think Svenn found his pocket healer at last - and she disenchants to boot!


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