Svenn the Slacker

Monday, July 13, 2009

Svenn is heading out to do some more Halibut fishing (Cook Inlet this time). Not to worry, he has set up some posts to be published automagically while he is gone.

Svenn is as big a computer junky as anyone; constantly twiddling with his blogs, checking e-mails, surfing the net, and of course playing WoW - that being said, it is very liberating to "unplug" occasionally. Going on a 3 day fishing trip just about anywhere in Alaska is about as great a way as any to cut the electronic tether. The thing is, he feels a bit guilty about bailing out on some raids, choosing instead to bail sea water out of the boat. (See what I did there with the two uses of the word bail, huh, funny right? I know, Svenn is exceedingly lame sometimes.)

Has the social contract between Svenn and the rest of his raid group grown that meaningful? I suppose that is what happens when you spend a long enough time with the same people (albeit, pixelated avatar versions of them). Svenn feels bad about leaving his family for a few days as well, but they at least will benefit directly from his excursion by having more meat for the freezer. How will the raid members of FIST benefit from his short absence? Well, besides the epic stories they will be regaled with upon his return, hopefully they will benefit from a refreshed and focused Svenn who is once again happy to be raiding rather than longing for another "fix" to quiet the fishing withdrawal. Maybe they won't benefit at all and will secretly wish he never came back. Whatever the case, I highly recommend a bit of away time every now and again.


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