Triumphs and Tribulations

Monday, July 6, 2009

Triumphs: Cromm finally finished his long trek to 80. He was able to get a decent start on gear thanks to his regular ebonweave crafting during his extended stay in the lower lvls (the 3 day cool down isn't such a big deal when you have 3 months to make all the cloth you need). He crafted the Ebonweave Gloves and Robe, as well as the Hat of Wintery Doom, and Frostmoon Pants. Cromm passed the on the mantle of leveling (literally) to Knutsen (lvl 30 Druid), replacing it with the Frostsavage Shoulders, not great but its something. Ottar made him the Faces of Doom to go with the Titansteel Speelblade the Svenn made. Grayce made him a Titanium Spellshock ring to round out the epics, and Ottar topped it all off with a variety of enchant scrolls.

Tribulations: Night 2 of the Naxx clear was a disaster. On night one, we blew through 2 quarters without breaking a sweat. Last night was a different story. Between glitched understudies on Rasuvious, to lag spikes and disconnects on Gothik, it was a grim run. After a couple hours of frustration, the call was made to head out and reconvene on Monday. This means that Ulduar part 2 is off the calendar, which makes sense, if we can't get it together to clear Naxx, we probably don't need to be monkeying around in Ulduar.

All in all, Svenn is happy to have lvl 80 number 4 on the team, and hopes tonight's raid goes much smoother.


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