Spotlight Shakha

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Name: Chris

Number of Alts: Errr.... 5.... My name is Chris, and I'm an altaholic.

Favorite Toon: Hard to say, probably Shakha. Paladins are just very cool. I also enjoy playing a Shammy (Laela) that is my daughter's toon. Who doesn't like (Stoutheart) Hunters? Like everyone else I have a DK (Gnastie) that I play just to I can yank people around. My Shadow Priest (Salahadin) is languishing in the mid-70s.

Hometown/ Where are you now: Alabama. I live on a farm that has been in my family for several generations.

Favoritie Food: Really, really hot wings

Pets: I have 4 children if that counts.

1 Well known Fact about you: I'm a Baptist Pastor. I've been involved lately in addiction ministry, but am moving into new areas of ministry.

1 Little Known fact about you: I speak/write Arabic. I'm praying that God will open a door to be a foreign missionary.

Your greatest WoW moment: I knocked (using Shaman thunderstorm) a BELF Paladin off the cliff at the AB lumbermill and captured it singelhandedly. I then went straight to the blacksmith alone where I met that same Pally, along with a Druid. I blasted both of them into the lake and captured the blacksmith solo. Nothing says loving like massive knockback.

Your greatest moment outside of WoW: Baptizing my children into the body of Christ. Nothing else in my life compares to knowing that they will serve and glorify Him.

Anything else you would like to share (IRL or Game related): I've really enjoyed FIST and the good people who are in it. It's given me and my family an avenue to enjoy the game among polite, friendly people.


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Svenn said...

@Shakha- very cool. My Grandfather is a Baptist minister, and I majored in comparative religions in school.

Having been to the Middle East several times, I sure wish I could speak Arabic. (lack of translators, untrustworthy translators, etc.)

July 7, 2009 at 7:38 AM

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