You ol' Crommunist

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Last night Cromm got in some quality Heroics runs. Shadowbreeze healed, Saiff tanked on his DK (normally I am not a big fan of DK tanks, but you take what you can get and he did a fantastic job of it), and Emma and Hanka filled out the DPS.

We blew through VH which netted Cromm his first Emblem of Heroism as well as Cyanigosa's Leggings, and headed over to Utgarde Keep to knock out the daily. Again, it was a fast smooth run. Cromm nabbed the Wand of the San'layn, bringing him closer to the hit cap and getting into Naxx runs and beyond. He finished up the night at just under 2k DPS, not bad for never having been in a heroic and just having respecced to destro-fire lock (Cromm was destro for awhile in BC so he is not a complete noob at it).

There was some good discussion about the future of Ulduar raiding, while waiting for cooldowns before the last boss. With both Raid Tanks, the Raid Leader/ Main Healer, and our top DPSer in the group we had much to talk about. While the meat of the discussion warrants a separate post, I will say that there is some work to be done before there can be real progression past FL.


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