Of Uld., OS, and VH

Thursday, July 9, 2009

or the night of three dragons ...a leviathan is like a dragon right?

Last night was supposed to be a quick run into Ulduar to kill Flame Leviathan with a few attempts on Razorscale if we were feeling spunky. In and out fast, that was the aim; our aim was off.

After a lengthy delay sorting out comms (game chat and two vent servers later we were finally talking), everyone was ready to load their assigned vehicles. Svenn was a siege engine driver, something he had never done before. He was a total /fail through the trash clear and the first attempt on FL, you read that right, the mighty FIST need a few shots to down FL- it was that kind of night. He had fun anyways and the decision was made to push on to Razorscale.

At this point Svenn tagged out (Corday and Horaldo were in the run, and there was no chance of downing Razorscale with 3 tanks) and Saiff brought his lock in for some extra DPS. Vent was definitely the way to go, and allowed Svenn to "stay" with the raid through their attempts at the evil dragon. When it became apparent that a kill just wasn't going to happen, everyone opted out and headed to OS.

Svenn switched over to Cromm, for his first taste of raiding since the Burning Crusade. There were a lot of alts/ off spec mains in the run, with only Shadow, Grayce, Rew, and Ginn on their mains in primary raid roles. A wipe on the first set of trash mobs prompted some griping, but after that incident the rest of the run went smoothly. In fact it was a fast run and a one shot on Sarth. I think the presence of all those alts actually helped, at least from a motivation standpoint. After having run that place so many times on Svenn, knowing that there is no possibility of any sort of upgrade to be gained, I had kind of grown tired of it. I'm sure I was not the only one who felt that way. Cromm had a blast in there and saw 2k DPS even without being hit capped due to all the raid buffage.

Instead of calling it a night and heading off to sleepy land, Cromm, ever the glutton for punishment, decided to see if he could rally a group for Heroic Violet Hold. Amazingly, half the OS run volunteered to stay and help out. With the run put together the night was extended even further, and everyone headed to VH. While not the smoothest of run (Cromm did everything he normally hates when on Svenn; targeting the wrong mob in the kill order, pulling agrro with AoE then running away from the tank, being silly- hey it was late!), we muddled through. After one wipe on Ichoron with him at 10%, we buckled down and blew through the place. Neither the trinket nor the wrists Cromm was hoping for dropped, but it was still fun and he got 3 more badges.

All in all it was a good night, and a break from the serious raiding routine. We will see how tonight's Naxx run goes with Svenn in the Main Tank position so Corday can bring her rouge alt for once.


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