Merrily Melting Faces

Thursday, June 25, 2009

This week FIST has pressed the pause button on raiding due to the Midsummer Holiday event. This has been good; Svenn, as well as the rest of the raiders I'm sure, needed a break. So while Svenn has gone into hibernation, emerging only to do a few choice dailies, Ottar has stepped onto the main stage.

Playing Ottar has been a nice change to tanking. While he is dual specced, I made the decision to gear him first as DPS, picking up healing gear when the opportunity presents itself. Melting faces has been a fun diversion from the frantic finger mashing of tanking. Ottar enjoys not having his health bar yo-yo up and down like a meth squirrel on a backyard trampoline. While his DPS still isn't great, this week off from raiding should help with that.

Last night, Ottar did an alt run with Cam (Qwen), Hanka (Grayce), and Janus (Saiff). Faeris was kind enough to come heal/ chaperon. He nailed down a spell rotation which, while not incredible for damage output, results in good up time on vampiric embrace and mana regen for the party with vampiric touch + mind blast. DPS output was a little over 1.4k; about right for were he is gear-wise. Hopefully that will go up significantly with the addition of the Azure Cloth Bindings, which obligingly dropped last night, as well as the Sash of the Wizened which Ottar can now get from last night's rep gains. The extra hit rating from the sash should bring Ottar close enough to the hit cap that he can gem the rest and start in on Naxx runs (when Svenn isn't needed for tanking of course).


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Inno said...

Spell hit..just in case.

June 25, 2009 at 9:00 PM

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