Red Snappah

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Believe it or not, Svenn has several interests outside of WoW. Over the weekend two of them married up to the perfect blog post. What are they you ask? Well, when not serving "Meatshield Duty" during raid nights he enjoys kicking back with a little YouTubing. Occasionally, Svenn also gets to go on epic fishing adventures as well. What do they have in common you ask? Well, look below for the answer.

First we have a vintage video by Oxhorn, the same guy who made the ROFLMAO video to the tune of the Muppet's Mah Nah Nah Nah song. It has kind of a long lead in, so feel free to skip straight to around the 4 minute mark.

And here we have Svenn with, you guessed it, a Red Snappah. This beauty was huge as far as snapper go, almost 32 inches in length and weighing about 30 pounds. (I caught it off the coast of Elrington Island in the Prince William Sound Area).

Svenn also hooked up with a some nice Halibut keepers (20-40lb range, nothing big enough to have shoot before boating it (next time:) )) <--Begs the question, how many ellipsis are too many ellipsis? (Ellipsis is a fun word.) He also caught and released Ling Cod, Skate, and Kelp Bass, as well as some other rock fish (Sea Bass) which he kept. It is with a well stocked freezer that Svenn can now return his sights to raiding, that is at least until Thursday, when he heads out to fish the Kenai for some salmon.

Look for more pics in future posts, provided Svenn can come up with other interesting ways to work them into the WoW related content of the site. He is severely tempted to go off topic and share the amazingness of the 3 day expedition from the Glaciers to the Gulf, replete with dolphins, whales, otters, sea lions, and a whole host of other marine wild life.


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Shadowbreeze said...

Now that's one epic fish! I bet that thing could be equipped as a main hand weapon and do a fair bit of DPS even. Probably better to use it in a Fish Feast though.
The Oxhorn productions are some of the best out there in my opinion...I'm a big fan of his work and the ROFLMAO video is pure win!
Glad you had a good time on the fishing trip, looking forward to hearing more! (hint, hint...just make a category called "Off-Topic" and everything is good!)

June 9, 2009 at 7:54 AM

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