One Year Old....a month ago.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

As Svenn was going through some blog stuff with Inno, showing him the ropes, he realized something; Svenn blog turned 1! Some how my Blogoversary went unnoticed. How could this happen? Well as it turns out, Svenn has quite a good excuse, he is a slacker! Well either that, or it happened to fall on the same day as another, slightly more pressing date; namely, the birth of his son.

Yes, 5 May 2009 The misadventures came into existence with its seminal post "The Roster". Not much of an intro, but then again, Svenn didn't think anyone would ever read it. The past year has seen a lot of changes both in the blog and in real life. Originally started as a Tankadin blog, it has drifted away from that as Svenn has drifted to away to other pursuits as well. While, at the core, Svenn will always be a tank (witness the recent rise of Gundther the Prot Warrior) he has enjoyed moderate success as a Tree raid healing 25s, and most recently as a face melting shadow priest- filling in a need for ranged DPS when not leveling alts.

A Year in stats (data collection did not start until 24June).

Visits: 3,502... "just a smalltown blog, livin' in a lonely world(wide web), took the midnight train going any where..." from 57 Countries and 49 states. Come on Wyoming, stop holding out!

Most visited page: Sargeras Says Read This or Else! gone, but not forgotten. We miss you buddy!

Most popular search terms: 1. Variations of "Svenn Blog". Yep, you found it:)
2. Pally tank fast or slow weapon? Slow, differences are negligible on single target, but you will definitely see the benefits on AoE pulls.
3. Healbot for tanking. I was young, use Vuhdo, but the same principles apply.
4. Qweniver. Seriously, stop googling yourself! Just kidding Qwen, we love ya. Hope whatever tank you are healing these days appreciates your bubbles as much as Svenn did :)

Referrals: Direct traffic topped the list, thanks all who added me to their favorites/ feed readers.
The Fist webpage came in second, so thanks again to Jon for adding a link there and to all the great folks in FIST, I'm glad we still keep in touch:)

Most posts in a day: 4. What was I thinking!?

Things have slowed down again with the new addition to the Svenn clan and summer, more importantly fishing season, arriving in the great state of Alaska. As I look back over the past year and reflect on the 170 some odd posts, I am happy to have been able to share them with you even if some were less than mediocre. I very much look forward to another year of blogging; having Inno on the team should go a long way to keeping things fresh here at the Misadventures. We hope you come along for the ride.


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Beth said...

Happy blogiversary babe!

And welcome Inno. I like your style. :)

June 9, 2010 at 4:33 AM
Anonymous said...

Congratulations Svenn.

June 11, 2010 at 5:36 AM

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