Spotlight Qweniver

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Many Faces of Qwen

For this week's feature, the elusive Qwen, Healer of Raids, Possesor of Countless 80s, and Baker of Delicious Chocolate Cake has consented to take the helm while Svenn is out fishing.

well here it gose..

Name: Natalie D

Number of Alts: I have 10 alts, I am including all my toons as an alt just cuz i have no idea who is my main.

Favorite Toon: I would like to say it is Qwen but it is usualy the toon i want to get geared. Atm it is my rogue named ßáßapôisòn, tho i cant realy see getting her above lvl 10, I still want to show her off w/ the boa gear.

Hometown/ Where are you now: Kingston.

Favoritie Food: Anything Chezzy.

Pets: I have 1 crazy dog, she is 1/2 lab and 1/2 border collie.

1 Well known Fact about you: Hmmm, well i gess that would be how lazy i am.1 Little Known fact about you: I am very bad w/ names, if i remeber ur name it is usualy a bad/good thing depending on how you look at it.

Your greatest WoW moment: Probly would be the time in kara. We where fighting the Sade of Aran and we were doing great. Got the mage down to 10% i believe, when i noticed that only grimm and i were alive. I have no idea how we did it but the shade went down. Think it was the 1st time for the guild to kill that guy aswell.

Your greatest moment outside of WoW: When i learned how to read! Na. When i find it ill let you know, lol.

sorry for the spelling mt, there will be lots of them :)


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