Pixel Perception Part Duex, Mid-life Crisis

Monday, June 7, 2010

....So I'm still lost looking for a really good quest zone for my level (remember, I'm a guy and refuse to ask). Then a bolt of lightning strikes. Tanaris! Yes I think I'll see if I've ever done those quests. Thanks to a helpful mage (Thank you Blinx!!!) I get a port to Dalaran (which I set as my home) and subsequently a portal that takes me directly to Tanaris. I make my way to the town and there are tons of shiny gold exclamation marks all over the place to which I greedily accept them. Now these quests I know and I know them well. I bravely ride forward on my SF-COD and begin to destroy all humanoids as though I'm attacking paper mache. BoA armor, enchanted weapons and trinkets make for a very easy questing experience. It's almost to the point where I'm just wishing they'd die when I walk near them since we both know that the outcome is going to be the mob face napping and Innoculated with full health (love those trinkets). Seriously if you're getting annoyed that your stealth isn't off cooldown yet after killing 2-3 mobs then you really need to settle down (I vow to follow this advice soon...maybe...).

So, all throughout Tanaris I'm stealthing, pickpocketing and sinisterly striking fear into mobs to the point that patrolling quest npc's totally refuse to spawn since they know that they don't stand a single chance at survival beyond hiding. Either that or it's all those silly level 80s trying for their loremaster title. I'm now on auto-pilot. I will now go to areas where I know that you get quests no matter your race, gender or particular weapons specialization. Another lovely zone waits for me in the Searing Gorge.

Hello Thorium Brotherhood. I see you have many many quests for me! I take all of these quests and set out to destroy yet another zone of mobs. Hours tick by and one by one I finish quests as they are so very easy. I think I spend more time watching television than I do watching my screen, but that's okay since I'm Innoculated the Invincible Rogue! I think I managed to get into another fun PuG or two as well. By fun I mean that I'm an idiot for not leaving the group as this instance doesn't really offer me any gear and putting up with these morons is not worth it (again all my fault). These guys seem to know everything except how to get from point A to point B. I assume that they're all guys as well since nobody asks for directions and they all ignore me when I tell them where to go. There's never a need to listen to DPS as they're only background noise anyway. Okay not all of the groups were that bad. I was actually in a group that almost made it to the Emperor, but a lock pet refused to stay put and kept aggroing the Emperor to the point of people leaving the group. We were "this" close. But that may or may not be a rambling story for another day.

I finish this fun instance and then finish my remaining quests and head to the Thorium Brotherhood to turn in all of the quests (yep, I finished each and every quest I found!). I am so tired but I can run all of this zone on "auto-pilot". I'm already planning my next move...head back to Tanaris and run on over to Un'goro crater. I am planning on how I'm going to start up the quest line to get that venomhide riding mount and vaguely thinking how that I'm glad that I'm level 50 and in eight short levels that I'll be in quick quest nirvana. Okay make that 10 levels as I'll pick up flying at 60...then it will be really quick. So I commence to turning in my quests and plotting the future of my little hordie rogue. I ride up to the flight master, right click...then I have a really big key indicator that I'd made a terrible mistake. The key indicator would be the fact that a flight point map did not appear. It seemed that the gryphon were so excited to take me somewhere that they flew up into the air and began LOLWTFZOMGPWNing Inno the Invincible. It seems that I can't run fast enough nor does vanish save the day when you run up to the skulled alliance flight master and stab him in the face. Needless to say little hordie Inno did not fare well from my auto-pilot ways. I've learned a lesson to pay a little bit more attention to my surroundings and where I'm actually going to click.

In closing I finally made it to Un'goro crater and began the quest for the venomhide mount. He's a greedy little dino. So about 2.5-3 "days" leveling and I am finished with the level 40-50 slump and should start seeing an increase in my leveling. I will probably queue for random instances as I'm leveling but I might just wait till I'm level 58 and queue for Ramps. Anyway wish me a happy leveling experience as it will probably be over soon.


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