100th Post!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Has it been that long? Normally Wednesdays here on the "Svenn Blog", as it's know colloquially, are reserved for the Guild Spotlight feature, but today Svenn has a little something different in store. 100 post may not seem like much, but believe me, if you're the one writing them it adds up quick. To celebrate Svenn surviving this long in the blogosphere, he will be taking a look back at some more top 5's, specifically Svenn Blog top 5's.

Top 5 Referring sites (because it's always important to keep up the good relations with one's cyber neighbors:)

1. Coffee with Sargeras: No surprise there, even though this internet titan is retired, it seems his site still sends readers Svenn's way. Thanks again Brian for the guest post.
2. Blogger.com: I guess some people do use the view next blog feature.
3. The FIST website: Woot guildie support! Thanks Jon for adding the link to the site.
4. Google.com: Ask google, they probably would have finished 1st if Svenn added up all the different sub-categories that his site tracker broke google down into.
5. BlogAzeroth.com

Top 5 Posts

1. Sargeras Say Read This or Else: It is no coincidence that the most viewed post was authored by the top referring site's very own Sargeras.
2. Monday Montage: Moving Forward: Who doesn't like to look at pictures of dead raid bosses?
3. Healbot Hero: Svenn may need to do a follow up to this post, as it also generated quite a few search results
4. Third Party Option: Ah conjecture and wishful thinking, you are loved.
5. Speed Tanking: Svenn would have expected this one to be higher on the list, maybe most tanks had it nailed down before he did.

Top 5 Search Terms (Svenn's top 5, not necessarily the most frequent)

1. Killsies: killsies!?! I love it!
2. Svenn's block spot: There were many variations on Svenn Blog/ Misadventures but block spot was Svenn's favorite. How perfect is that mis-spelling, what with shields being a big part of pally tanking and all.
3. cot4 in time bugeado: bugeado? No need to bug it, just make sure you have a pally with you:)
4. Healbot: A huge number a variations on the Healbot theme from: healbot for tanking- to: healbot-how do I show incoming heals, easily makes this the most popular search term. Svenn is no authority on Hbot and hopes these people found what they were looking for as his post was more along a what you can use it for and not so much as a how to use it... any healbot experts out there interested in a Healbot How To Guide guest spot?
5. farming badges vh wiping: ouch! Did Svenn write something about wiping in VH? Forget that ever happened:)

Well, there you have it. Thanks to all of you readers who continue to come back to The Misadventures, even if you aren't a very talkative bunch ;) and a special thanks to those of you who have kept Svenn going in his blogging endeavors!


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Aubrey Lynn said...

In case you didn't get my comment over at NJ Fresh, I would love to do a guest spot over here and put up some yummy snacks for you and your friends/colleagues. I already have some ideas buzzing in my head. Let me know when, where, and how and I'll be there!
Lots of love,
Aubrey <><

October 7, 2009 at 9:03 AM
Inno said...

Congratulations on your 100th post. Well done.

October 7, 2009 at 2:44 PM

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