Brewfest.. more like snooze fest

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Alternately Titled: I went to Brewfest and I all I got was a Hangover!

Svenn normally tries to avoid Holidays, not that he is a Grinch, just that he has a lot of other projects that keep getting put of. So, when a holiday hits and our festive guild of achievement crazed players head off to collect the latest goodies, Svenn retreats to his batch of Alts to get in a few levels and take advantage of the time off from raiding.

This Brewfest thing however, was the exception. While he held out for most of the first week, once Grayce pointed out that there were shiny epics (Badge of Heroism Gear Trinket equivalents, along with some +170 Stamina trinkets) he couldn't resist. While Svenn's underplayed alts all received some decent trinket upgrades, all Svenn got was a headache.....

at least he kept a photo journal to remember it the next day.


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