Monday Montage: Moving Forward

Monday, September 14, 2009

After Wednesday night's raid, Svenn was a little disheartened. He figured going into Friday night's raid, they would have about as much chance as the little guy in the above photo. While FIST failed to put down "Iggy", they did down XT for their guild 1st kill (sorry no screen shot).

Saturday night saw a return to action, and 2 more guild first kills. With the Deconstructor down, we moved on to Kologarn; while this fight was disarming (get it?), it proved no real challenge and opened the way to more options...
Once Kologarn realized he had met his match in FIST, he really lost his head! BTW Svenn, there is some open space on that screen somewhere, better find some more addons to load up.
We finished up the night by downing the Crazy Cat Lady. Sure our progression kills are still coming in Ulduar when others have finished clearing Trial of the Crusader, but as we are casual guild who took the entire summer off to enjoy other pursuits, Svenn is pretty pleased none-the-less.
Gratz to all involved in yet another series of guild firsts!


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