Third Party Option

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Even before news about the new expansion, Cataclysm, started leaking Svenn had an idea that involved some aspects of it, namely; new playable races. However, instead of adding new races to the two existing factions, a new third faction would emerge. Svenn didn’t have a particular name picked out but, let’s call this third faction, for the sake of argument “The Underground”.

The Underground would consist of races already in game (less development spent there).

Worgen: These guys are way to cool to pass up. They fit the “underground” motif to a tee. Mild mannered citizens on the outside but lurking beneath the surface an animalistic side that could be both subversive and noble.

Ogres: Long the punching bags of both Horde and Alliance, these lumbering brutes have been fed up with the string of abuses heaped upon them making them another natural addition to the underground.

Naga: Driven from the sea by the changes in the great maelstrom , rejected by Horde and Alliance alike, they find solace in their new allies of the underground.

Demons: After years of enslavement by both sides, a small contingent of demons have gained their independence, and sought the protection of the underground. (This race would have forms similar to the current Warlock minions with actual form depending on what class was chosen, ie. Warrior=Void Walker, Mage=Imp, etc.)

Centaurs: Increasing pressures for diminishing resources after the cataclysm have pushed the proud Khans into an uneasy partnership with the only group willing to lend a hand, the underground.

Other options for members of the underground could include: Yeti, Dragonkin, Quill-boars, Goblins, etc.

PVE: The third party would have little effect on PVE play, as essentially it would be just another set of guilds vying for membership.

PVP: The real impact of the third party would come in drastic changes to PVE. Possible options for modifications to PVP:

“Three for Alls”- each faction now has to contend for resources/flags/whatever with two other factions.

“Party Poopers”- the underground’s objective in battlegrounds is to ensure neither the Horde or Alliance can gain a decisive victory, ie. Force a tie in WSG, keep the resources gained in AB or EotS below 1000 in a timed match, etc.

“Mystery Mayhem”- each faction gets assigned a random objective upon zoning in to a BG. This option would keep any unforeseen advantage from either of the previous options from being limited to one faction or another. (It would also keep things interesting.)

RP: The emergence of a third faction would certainly fit the lore of the game as well, if not better, than shoehorning Worgen and Goblins into an existing faction.

Feasibility: With the advent of faction transfers in the upcoming expansion, the Underground would be able to hit the ground running (lvl 80s could transfer in, thus it would not be limited by all its players having to start at lvl 1). Open zones in both the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor, as well as slight modifications to little used parts of existing zones would be more than ample to accommodate new starting areas. Skins for all the aforementioned races exist, cutting development costs still further. Since a new class is not being introduced, most game mechanics (excluding the PVP system) would remain unchanged. The background story for the underground practically writes itself, and the lore meshes, if not seamlessly, well enough to suit most of the player base.

Anyways, that was Svenn’s idea for an expansion. He still holds to the hope that a future expansion could see some members of the Horde and Alliance split from the main and strike out on their own forging a new faction in the processes. What do you think? Have any ideas for a future expansion/patch?


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