Spotlight Faeris

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Name: Jeff

Number of Alts: 4

Favorite Toon: Lokenn( Guess I got the healing bug)

Hometown/ Where are you now: Philadelphia, Pa

Favoritie Food: Barbecue Ribs

Pets: none at the moment :(

1 Well known Fact about you: Related to Macho

1 Little Known fact about you: Marx Brother Enthusiast (minus Zeppo)

Your greatest WoW moment: It goes way back to the early days of Karazhan. It had been a long arduous fight getting to the Curator. And the struggle was not over. During fight, I was on the cat attack(feral- dps) fighting along Ballbuster (Uber-warrior), Mazdoc (Mecca-priest) and many other guildees. All was well until the Curator erupted into the blood-lust frenzy killing the off-tank and several other guildees. Mazdoc had fallen our last healer and BB was on the verge of dying. It was at that moment that my cat-like reflexes and I battle rez'd and innverated Mazdoc , so he could keep the fight going. It was in that lost moment that I had perished but the guild had vanquished the Curator.

Your greatest moment outside of WoW: ... in time, he became a king by his own hand...this story shall also be told - later.


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