Wanna Buy Some Gold?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sure, Svenn thought it was a big deal when Sargeras agreed to do a guest spot on the blog.

Yes, it was cool getting the e-mail from Twisted Nether informing Svenn that he was "listed" on their blog role.

But, how do you really know when you've hit the big time? Well, when you get personal e-mail correspondence from a WoW Gold Peddler of course!

I work at the top rated World of Warcraft Gold store - MyMMOShop.com
I would like to advertise on your blog with a dofollow text link.
Please get back to me with your ad options and current rates along with long term discounts.

Hunter Crowell
Media Relations
The World Leader In Virtual Currency Sales
100% Money Back Guarantee On All Gold Orders

Thanks for considering me Hunter, but I must decline. Svenn runs an add free Blog, and is generally against the buying and selling of virtual currency without the approval of the game designer.

Echo Isles-US


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