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Monday, August 24, 2009

While others are busy reporting on the flood of info that came out at Blizzcon, Svenn is sad to report that Brian from "Coffee with Sargeras" is hanging up the hat. Despite the fact that I have never met Brian, and in fact have only exchanged a few e-mails concerning blog stuff, I feel as if I know him- and he will be missed. He did what few would ever attempt, and fewer still would be able to pull off; he wrote a WoW blog without actually playing the game. Granted he steered topics to stuff he wanted to talk about, but he did his research too, and he was hilarious to boot.

He agreed to guest post on this blog, back when it was first starting out, and gave it a good kick in the pants reader-wise; for that Svenn is thankful. In his next to last post he put up a survey, mahaps so he would have something to read while contemplating his next endeavor. Whatever the reason, Svenn feels it Meme worthy and so is reposting it (with his answers*) here:

1. Do you play WoW? And if not, you'd better have a damned good excuse. Whew, I play so no heavy thinking necessary.

2. How fast can you solve a Rubik's Cube? 36secs is my best time, but I can do it under 2minutes consistently (no lie, I figured it out on my 1st deployment to Iraq- no tv, computer, etc. leads to other interesting ways to pass time between patrols). I taught Grayce how to do it and I can teach you too....for a modest sum.

3. Is Revenge of the Sith superior to any of the original Star Wars films? No

4. If you were me, would you rather smash Neptune or Mercury? Why? Definitely Mercury. That planet is bookin' around the sun, so smashing it would make stuff fly everywhere, maybe even into the sun causing some sort of chain reaction for bonus combo points. Plus, who doesn't want to crack that puppy open and see if it is indeed made of mercury?

5. Is Shakespeare overrated? Explain. He's no Hemingway.

6. How many Level 80's do you have? 4

7. The Spanish-American War: discuss. Jingoism, Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, and more US Troops dead from contaminated canned meat than Spanish Bullets, whats left to discuss?

8. What is the farthest north you have ever been? Earth, not Azeroth. The Matanuska Glacier (mile 102 on the Glenn Highway), AK.

9. Is Final Fantasy VII better than Final Fantasy VI? No Idea

10. Do you find the plot of WoW engaging? If so, what do you think is wrong with you, medically speaking? There is a plot?

11. Give an example of a movie that, in your opinion, was better than the book it was based on. Gettysburg, (sorry fellow Rutgers Alum Michael Shaara) I had the Killer Angles as a reading assignment in the Officer Basic Course, didn't have much time to sleep let alone read a big 'ol book about the Civil War- so definitely went to the big screen for that one. (I have since read the book, as well as Gods and Generals, and several other works by his son Jeff who carried on the tradition.)

12. What was the occupation of Johannes Kepler's maternal grandfather? No Idea, but his paternal grandfather was the Lord Mayor of Weil der Stadt.

13. Do you find the color orange visually appealing? see blog layout...or my bedroom curtains

14. McDreamy or McSteamy? I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy after season 2 so, McDreamy?

15. In your opinion, was Woodrow Wilson directly responsible for the outbreak of World War II? No, though he could have been a little more insistent on the terms of reparations and America's involvement in the League of Nations.

16. Have you ever created your own WoW guild? How long did it last? What was it called? Yes, my bank guild Walt'z Altz, still in existence.

17. In your opinion, was the Book of Deuteronomy written by Moses? Physically No (Joshua probably did most of the recording of it- especially the part where Moses dies there at the end). Yes, I think Moses did in fact dictate the bulk of the text.

18. Are puppies fuzzy and soft? If not, why not? Yes, unless they are hairless- in which case can they really be classified as puppies and not just overgrown rats?

19. Do you think you're better than me? Probably, the whole internet would have trouble fitting Svenn's ego:)

20. What. Is. The deal. Euchre?

*NOTE: These are all Svenn's answers, with the exception of #12, ty google!

Here at the Misadventures we are sad to see Sargeras/Brian go, but want to wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours, whatever they may be.


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Beth said...

Well played, babe. Maybe I'll have to answer them too?

August 25, 2009 at 12:58 PM
Svenn said...

Ty, and you should def. take the survey too. If you Meme it, post your answers or a link to them as comment here as well:)

August 25, 2009 at 1:31 PM

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