lvl 80 Worgen ahoy!

Friday, August 28, 2009

As Svenn was writing yesterday's post about his 3rd party proposal, something occurred to him. He could have a lvl 80 Worgen on Day 1 of the the Cataclysm release. What prompted this realization was this quote:

"With the advent of faction transfers in the upcoming expansion, the Underground would be able to hit the ground running (lvl 80s could transfer in, thus it would not be limited by all its players having to start at lvl 1). "

Not having seen this idea on any of the popular WoW sites, Svenn figured it was worth a mention. In order to get a fresh start in Cataclysm with an 80 Worgen, all one would have to do is level a Horde toon (must be one of the announced Worgen classes) to 80 now, and let him sit. Once the expansion hits, then a faction transfer to the Alliance side would open up for the Horde toon to now become an Alliance/Worgen/insert class here! This would work equally well for a Horde player hoping to have the first lvl 80 Goblin.

Of course, all this would be subject to server status and how long it will take Blizz to complete a faction transfer (I believe it is about 4 hours to make a server transfer now, and would probably have a similar time frame for a faction transfer). As the faction transfers are currently unavailable, none of this can be confirmed, but for the forward thinking player, this may be the way to get a head start on the competition.


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