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Monday, August 31, 2009

Once again, Svenn has neglected to prepare a Monday Montage. Instead he has ripped off yet another one of Hamm's posts from the guild forums (Note to self: Get Hamm to start guest posting).

Here's the link to the first season of The Guild in case you haven't seen it (The 3rd Season just started). There's ten 3 min. webisodes of made-for-youtube sitcom about a MMO guild...

Aside from enjoying the self-deprecating humor a la Make Love Not World of Warcraft, it occurs to me this is a good way to share a little about ourselves irl by rating how close we are to each personality in The Guild on a scale of 0-5, 5 being closest.

Of course, I'll start [Svenn's answers, I'll post Hamm's below]:

Bladezz: 1 -- I can do a few card tricks, alas I am not very good at "leet speak".

Clara: 3 -- Minus the heavy drinking. I have been know to put the kids to bed early so I can farm some quick consumables before raid time.

Codex: 0 -- Not so much, though she writes the show and I write this blog, so maybe we are more alike than it seems.

Tinkerbella: 4 -- Young, Hot, Asian...well not so much on that last one, but still a close fit.

Vork: 5 -- I heart Vork! I often think up fight strategies at odd times. I also shop at Costco, so I have huge containers of condiments lying about.

Zaboo: 2 -- I can empathise with Zaboo's unrequited love, reference: The Ballad of Svenn and Grayce for details of how it all turned out.


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Svenn said...

Here are Hamm's answers from the original post:

Bladezz: 0 -- I cannot be any further from this dood. No wonder I never rolled a rogue...

Clara: 4 -- I am a male version of this neglectful homemaker.

Codex: 2 -- all heals are a little bit alike arent we? (shak you listening?) IRL I have issues with confrontations just like Codex, but that's about it.

Tinkerbella: 1 -- actually never got into Nintendo, for all my gaming. The 1 is for being Asian, but aside from that, she's young, hot and aloof. Me, not so much.

Vork: 2 -- on a good day, I am half the gamer this guy is. I am also sometimes able to speaking in complete sentences in mixed company.

Zaboo: 5 -- down to the dominating mom...

August 31, 2009 at 9:49 AM
Beth said...

First, Honey, it's not a WoW guild. She's very careful about making it neutral to most MMO games. Yes, she WoWs in real life, but it's never specified that that's what they're playing.

That being said, let's see...

Bladezz: 1 - I like to push people's buttons sometimes, but it's more out of fun than out of malevolence like Bladezz

Clara: 1 - only because we both have multiple children and are gamers. Otherwise, I can't stand the way she ignores her kids and husband. I know, I know, it's the stereotype, but it still irks me

Codex: 4 - we're both kind of young still, kind of pretty white girls. We both don't like confrontation (although I WILL go at it with you if you attack my family). While I'm not super popular or anything, I'm not quite as socially awkward as she is.

Tinkerbella: 1 - occasionally I'll bat my eyelashes or pout a little at Svenn to get him to do things for me, but otherwise, not so much like Tink.

Vork: 0 - while I heart this character, we aren't much alike at all.

Zaboo: 1 - because I get the "mom" angle. Now, my mother isn't dominating, she's just clingy. Still. After almost seven years of being away from home with my own family. Maybe I should bump that up to a 2? 1 1/2?

September 1, 2009 at 1:04 PM
Svenn said...

Ty for the correction Grayce, I think you may need to bump your Tinkerbella rating up a bit though;)

September 1, 2009 at 1:23 PM
Hamm said...

Link this in FIST page!

I'd love to hear how people see themselves...

October 15, 2009 at 7:14 AM
Raechel said...

Hi there.. i loved this spot so much so that i have to put in my 2 cents.. so here goes :)

Bladezz: I love his.. take that! you bastards! attitude. In fact, I wanna be narly and kick "everyones" ass! If I have time that is...

Clara: OMG this is soo much fun, can we do that again! huh huh? can we? can we? hmm.. oooh..who is that over there! oh.. sheesh kids.. go play on the umm.. whatcha call it. No, I don't relate to her at all.

Codex: OMG! was someone actually following me around. She even looks like me! Well, if you take off your glasses and squint a little. But gee! I just want people to like me!

Tinkerbella: Coolest chick in town. She is deffinately the most like me. oops... ouch! watch the stool.. you might trip!

Vork: How can I compare myself to vork, well.. he is smart.. and I umm.. wanna be?

Zaboo: He is just too darn cute for me to compare myself too. Well.. I guess poeple have called me cute *grin*.

thanks svenn!

October 15, 2009 at 7:45 AM

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