Growing up Tank

Friday, December 11, 2009

It's Friday and Svenn is tired. Rather than dig deeper into patch 3.3 today, he has decided to share the below quote from a post by Rohan over at Blessing of Kings, talking about the updated LFG tool. A pretty good observation... if it holds true. As always, you can check out the whole article by clicking the link above.

"You know, in a few months there are going to be some sick skilled tanks available. Imagine levelling to max purely by running dungeons with PuGs. Those tanks who come out of that are going to be really good."

Lets hope so!


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Inno said...

There is something else that Rohan should have listed. I've tested a theory and it's holding true. As a dps (my only real class that I like to play) you will sit in the LFG looking for what seems to be forever to me (could be the battlegroup that I'm in). If you have the audacity to use the LFG tool as a TANK then you will be in a group before you have even finished clicking the button to accept. Longest I've had to wait as a tank is 2 seconds. On my DPS I have actually forgotten that I had entered the queue and was suprised when I had an invitation to join a random dungeon pop up. Sadly I think Blue will get gear beyond quest item blues...I do not want a purplechicken.

December 14, 2009 at 10:43 AM

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