Crowd Control Comeback?

Monday, December 14, 2009

Svenn finally had a chance to tank through the new 5mans over the weekend. On the whole, he found them much more entertaining than previous releases such as ToC. Blizzard seems to have gotten the scaling just about right too. While the boss fight mechanics are not all that novel, they provide enough of a challenge that even OP raiders need to pay attention during their execution... unless of course you want to try and kill off an unpleasant DPSer during Mirrored Soul or some such :)

What really caught Svenn's eye during the initial run through, was the trash pulls' positioning and composition. Many of the trash pulls include larger numbers of mobs, which in and of itself is nothing new. However, the numbers of casters and spacing between them make for more challenging pulls. Svenn could not just run in and throw down consecrate and hit all the mobs at once. In the Forge of Souls for example: with his improved shield toss silencing 2 casters and pulling them to a 3rd, Svenn still usually left 1 caster free to do as it pleased. While this was not necessarily a problem for him (taunts and the occasional stun did the trick), it could in fact be a hindrance to groups lacking in the healing arena, without a good AoE type tank, or light on DPS.

All this leads to the titular question, could Blizzard be seeking a return to the days of crowd control?


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Anonymous said...

I would like to see the return of Crowd control. Back in the day, ppl would actually would look for tanks, dps, healers, &.....CC.

I ran the new dungeon and found myself using shackle which I haven't used since the old Karazhan raids. It was great.

December 16, 2009 at 6:46 PM

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