Icecrown, more like Icecrash

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

As the title alludes to, Svenn had no luck trying to get into the new instance last night- and as such, there will be no review:( He did however knock out the daily random heroic and the weekly raid quest, netting himself 7 Frost Emblems with about 45 minutes of work. I'd imagine the weekly raid quests will not always be as easy as killing Flame Leviathan.

Anyways, first impressions of the patch:

The auto-DE function, which seemed like such a good idea, may in fact turn out to be just another opportunity for drama.

Changing the daily heroic system to a random dungeon is annoying. Svenn isn't in it for the badges so under the old system he could pick and choose which days he would do the daily based on whether or not he enjoyed the instance. Additionally, with 5 lvl 80's, Svenn could pick an Alt to go if there was a particular piece of loot that might drop (yes Svenn still needs a few epics from 5mans- it is hard to gear up 5 toons!) There may be a way to switch out toons once the random dungeon has been assigned, so it may not be that bad- though you would still be committing to a run you didn't necessarily want to go on.

Patch day lag.

The revamp to the map and linkage of the quest log to it seems nice. Svenn did experience some trouble while questing on the druid (lvl 72 now:)) with the mini-map displaying the wrong sub-zone names, but nothing too major.

The new LFG tool updates are nice, however, Svenn doesn't really PUG so they are not all that useful to him personally.

Vampiric Touch now a 30 minute buff to shadow priests, rather than a 1.5sec Global Cooldown to be eaten every time there was a new mob (good news for Ottar!).

Increased opportunity for casual players. From heroics to raids, opportunities abound now for those not in Raid/ Full game guilds.

Sparkly new gear!

Svenn didn't get a chance to fully explore all the changes that came with 3.3, so expect a more coherent rundown sometime in the future.


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