Not Again Svenn

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

As a young Paladin, Svenn was always getting into trouble. His parents could scarcely keep up with the barrage of complaints the teachers at the School of the Fine Art of Smacking Stuff With Hammers would send home. They despaired of Svenn ever being anything but a miscreant, and never expected him to make it through to Uni.

It must have been hard for them to keep the reigns on Svenn, as his very nature gravitated him towards all manner of mischief, but they managed somehow to keep him- if not on the path, at least headed in the right direction. Since leaving the University, Svenn has traveled the world rarely having time to see his folks. They have however, been the driving force that placed Svenn on the path of light all those years ago, and for that he is immeasurably thankful.

Mom and Dad Svenn, are up in Alaska... I mean Northrend for a short visit. Due to Svenn's desire to spend as much time as possible with them while they are here, he will not be posting much this week. There will be a new Guild spotlight later in the week, but that's about it till next week. Till then; enjoy your adventures in Azeroth and don't forget to take some time to let the people that you care about know it.


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