Whaaa Happened?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This topic is a little dated, but as I just got this site up and running, I figured I would reach back in time and share it with you. Back in April patch 3.1.0 was released; this release saw the addition of new content (most notably the Uldar raid encounter), as well as a full refund of talent points. This was great as a respec was in order for most of my toons anyway, and getting it for free was a nice bonus. Little did I know that another talent point refund was given when a few short weeks later the patch was patched..... enter Svenn.

Svenn was all tooled up to go get his Argent Tournament on after a lengthy maintenance delay, and headed out to quest shortly after Echo Isles came back online. The first stop was Crystal Song Forest to pick up some wood for the stadium being built at the top of Icecrown. My first indicator that something was wrong should have been the empty slots on my action bars where my various talent related spells normally resided. However, Svenn may have taken one to many shots to the head and failed to realize something was amiss until after he entered combat, in typical tankadin fashion, with about every mob in the zone.

Needless to say, I was shocked to discover that half my spells were missing and the mobs were not just lying down to die as normal. Through masterful manipulation of the remaining spells in my bag 'o tricks, I managed to survive the encounter and retreat to Dalaran in total chagrin. While I was appreciative of yet another free respec, I could have used a heads up. Guess that will teach me to read the patch notes a little closer.


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