Ottar heals VH

Friday, May 8, 2009

Last night the regular Violet Hold, which we had been trying to orchestrate for 3 days now finally happened. Ottar activated Holy Spec and headed into VH for a run with some other Alts from the guild. He has healed some of the lower level Northrend instance before, but usually had 3 or 4 level 80s to help out. This time was not much different in that respect, Shaka was kind enough to tank for us on the DK, and the ever fabulous Grayce brought AoE frost damage (both level 80s). Corday and Blue Chicken both had alts that needed it and brought a Rogue and Mage respectively.

What was different was the pace of the encounter, with portals opening at set intervals whether you are ready or not. Mana regen was an issue for me early on, luckly I had stacks of mana pies from the 2 mages and was able to eat on the go without the worry of burning up too many consumables. As the fight wore on Ottar became better about mana conservation and OOM was less of an issue.

We did have a death at the first boss. Moragg took an immediate shine to Emma (Corday's Rogue) and soul linked her every chance he got- talk about a fatal attraction, yipes! I couldn't keep up on the spike damage from SL unfortunately, but we dropped him with plenty of time for a rez before the next portal opened.

From there, things went smoothly. The second boss, Xevozz, tossed around arcane damage like beads at a Marti-Gras parade, but the group downed him so fast that keeping up with AoE heals wasn't a problem. We closed down the rest of the portals and waited for Cyanigosa to make her appearance.

She too went down without to much of a struggle. I had some problems with positioning after each Arcane Grip, and as such fell behind in healing. With that particular spell, Cyanigos pulls everyone under her and wipes aggro. The aggro wipe wasn't a problem (Shaka did a great job regaining it quickly), but I had to stop healing each time to reposition and found myself on the opposite side of the dragon from the ranged DPS more than once. This meant that my Circle of Healing/ Prayer of Healing were sometimes out of range of the casters. To fix this problem for next time I think I will hit a Holy Nova and a Circle of Healing before repositioning. This should top off the group's health as well as allow me to determine which way to run, so I can stay in range of the casters.

Ottar picked up the Band of Eyes, some pantaloons, as well as 42k XP from turning in the quest. I also learned a bit more about healing and will hopefully be ready for Heroics when I hit 80.


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