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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Last night saw Svenn heading into Utgarde Pinacle in order to help fellow guild members Ginn (Hunter) and Fey (Boomkin) get the Children's Week Achievement [Hail to the King, Baby!] Accompanied by Shadowbreeze on heals and S's Warlock we headed in dreading the "Gauntlet", but otherwise fairly confident. I started the run at about 1.5k DPS, not to shabby for a tank. Svenn loves beating on the undead, and every pull was AoE and no CC was necessary as all of us but S have been running Naxx pretty regularly.

Things went pretty smoothly and we crushed through the gauntlet with only S dieing, which was probably my fault since I was explaining the fights to him as we went (he had never been there before) and I failed to mention the whirlwind attack once we get the Boss off his mount. Anyways, I think the whole thing could have been done even easier if I had gone straight to the end and tanked all the Adds as they came out of the door.

I fell off in DPS towards the end, down to about 1.3K. I'm not sure why, I think the gauntlet hurt my overall damage production. With Mobs running everywhere, and constant repositioning required due to the frost breath it was hard to keep up on the DPS. Also, the amount of taunts Svenn threw to try and keep everyone rounded up and focused on him messed up the spell rotation somewhat and the bonus damage from Libram of Obstruction/Shield of Righteousness wasn't happening as often.

The rest of the pulls to the King were easy trash, fear wasn't a problem with Shadow's Fear Ward and Svenn's Every Man for Himself. We had a semi-deliberate wipe on the King; Fey went down, as you can only get the achievement if you are alive and that was the main reason we were in there, we all went down to get her a second shot without having to wait for the Heroic to reset.

There were no issues the second time around and everyone got their achievements and Svenn finally got to replace the Infantry Assault Blade with the Red Sword of Courage. Even though the upgrade isn't tremendous, I have wanted it for awhile and it looks badical!


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