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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Please feel free to be your normal funny self and take the following questions in whatever direction you choose.

Name: my real name or my main's name? my RL name is Beth, but my main's name is Grayce. You can use whichever one answers the question appropriately. I will say this, it was very weird being called by my real name on WoW the first couple of times I was called/introduced as Beth.

Number of Alts: umm...10 on echo isles and then 2, well 3 i guess - one is Katherine's, on Terrokar.

Favorite Toon: Grayce (Mage) least, she's the one i play the most. I could kind of see Daphney (Shaman) taking her place though, some day...

Hometown/ Where are you now: hometown? how about home state? I've lived in a bunch of towns growing up, but all in the great state of New Jersey. That's right, I'm a Jersey girl. (Livin' La Vida Alaska currently)

Favoritie Food: I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! whoo!

Pets: Zeke and Deacon. JUST KIDDING!! (those are my kids) My pet is Peavey Cat aka Fluffybutt aka Sir Puma.

1 Well known Fact about you: I know a lot about movies and music - not everything mind you, and my knowledge/relevance level has taken a hit since i essentially stopped watching TV six years ago (moved to Germany, didn't have cable and haven't gotten it since), and stopped going to movies four years ago (having kids will do that to you), and stopped listening to current "music" because it's just not as good as it was back when it was good. :)

1 Little Known fact about you: I am slightly OCD. sure, there are people who know (and I hope love) this about me, but it's not something that i just put out there all the time. Just ask Svenn, I'm sure he'll tell you ALL about it. * I never really thought I was that bad about it until my oldest son started showing some signs of it as well - lining up his cars/animals/blocks/etc, separating things into groups based on whatever is going through his mind at the time, being more of the mindset "a place for everything and everything in its place", and so on. Yikes!

Anything else you would like to share (RL or Game related): Umm...I don't know babe. What thinkest thou? Is there anything else about me you think your readers should know? Feel free to fill in something here if you want. As for me, I am out like trout to mail some letters and check the mailbox.

*NOTE: Svenn and Grayce are married, so don't feel obligated to call him babe if you get one of these interviews.... he wont mind if you do though.


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Beth said...

Yay me!

I like your note at the end there, babe.

See you in a bit.
Love you!

May 28, 2009 at 3:37 PM

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