Recap, Replay, and Relief

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Svenn is woefully behind on his updates. He scored a round trip ticket to the Hospital the beginning of last week and took his sweet time recovering. Apologies for his absence, I will try and not let it happen again.

That being said, here's the rundown:
Ottar came of age, dinging 80 this weekend. Svenn hooked him up with the Titansteel Guardian, and the ever generous Hamm made him a Titanium Spellshock Ring, thus starting him off with a couple of epics.

Cromm power leveled alchemy from 0 to well into the 400s. I had most of the mats from Haager's grind to 450 Herbalism, so I didn't have to sink too much gold into it. Cromm also brushed up his cross-stitching skills, leveling to 430 or so in order to make Ottar some gear (no epics yet.)

Svenn sat on the shelf for the most part, rooting for his "Alt" buddies as they made significant gains. All in all, it was pretty quiet, not feeling well makes for poor decisions so there was not to much action on the heroics/raiding front.

Ottar walked into a guild OS run last night and came away with the T7 Gloves. With no Paladins or Warlocks in the group, and Shadowbreeze and Qwenivier already having them, I didn't even have to roll. The run went very smoothly even with both our regular tanks (Svenn and Corday) on their newly minted 80s; Bombadil and Gnastie did a fantastic job tanking. Ottar needs to work on his hit rating and spell rotation as he is well below the cap still and only putting out about 1.5k DPS.

Svenn is happy to be feeling himself again, and returned to productivity both in and out of his misadventures in Wow.


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