Man's Best Friend?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Gluth, the very large dog pictured above, has been anything but a friend to FIST. With the rest of Naxx mastered, Gluth had yet to realize the inevitability of his fate. Time after time, the evil puppy as he is affectionately know by most our raiders, has frustrated our attempts. Our problems to date had been with the zombie adds making it to Gluth and healing him back to full.

Kiting the zombies is a huge job, and while it isn't mandatory for certain classes to fill the role of kiter, it sure helps to have a Frost Mage on board. Untill last night we had been severely lacking in the Mage department, which hampered our attempts. With two frost mages in the line up, Grayce and Macho, we were confident Gluth would go down. So confident in fact that we bypassed the other quarters and started straight in on construct (Last night being the first night of a fresh run.)

While Grayce was new to Naxx, the rest of us were old hats at Patch and Grobby and both went down without incident. After numerous attempts at Gluth, the kiters found a strategy that worked for them, and were able to keep all the zombies away from the hungry puppy long enough for the DPS to kill him.

Gluth needs two tanks in order to switch off when debuffs start stacking to high, but only one needs to be tanking him at a time. This allowed Svenn to help burn down the Zombies after decimate, using Holy Wrath to slow them all down long enough for DPS AoE to finish them off. Switching out tanks right before decimate hits also helped out the healers getting the tanks back up to full health without having to contend with a huge amount of debuffs.

With Gluth behind us, we made our way to the last boss in the Construct Quarter, Thaddius. We were unable to best him due to time constraints, but learned some valuable lessons and did manage to down his two minions Stalagg and Feugen.
Side note: I wonder if our faithful hunter, Ginnexal, can tame Gluth next go around. It would be fun to see him show up to Ulduar with the evil pup in tow.


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