On Time Raiding

Friday, May 29, 2009

Situation: Often times FIST's misadventures are delayed by raid members not showing up on time. Svenn is guilty of this on occasion (raid times are right when the kids go to bed, so depending on how that goes, log-in may be delayed). FIST is a casual raiding guild however, so some delays are understandable and taken in stride for the most part. Rather than complain about lengthy waits at the summoning stone, Svenn has come up with several activities to pass the time.

Fishing: With the advent of the "fish anywhere" patch, this fun pastime is open to all. While Bliz putting in a fish pond in Naxx is still a pipe dream, there is a little fishable water right under the floating citadel. Also, once a quarter has been cleared, fishing spots abound inside the instance (I wouldn't recommend eating anything you catch out of that green goo).

Charity Work: There is always someone looking to kill Kreug Oathbreaker. Located right outside Naxx in the Carrion Fields, why not swoop down for a quick kill and bask in the gratitude of some lowbies whose day you just made.

Naked Base Jumping: What better way to pass some time than by taking off all your armor and leaping from Naxx. Pallys, Priests, and Mages can bubble/levitate/slowfall your descent at the last second to prevent immediate death (with practice). If the timing is off, no problem, the graveyard is a short run away, and repair costs are negligible 'cause hey, you're naked!

Pet Parade: Got a new pet or mount you want to show off, there's always an audience at the stone and chances are they are waiting just like you making them the perfect captive audience for your menagerie of Azerothian Animals.
How do you pass the time waiting for the raid to start? Leave a comment, just be sure doing so doesn't make you late for your next encounter in Naxx or elsewhere.


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