Frost Frustrations

Monday, June 1, 2009

With only Thadius standing between FIST and the final two bosses of Naxx, it is time to start looking at Frost Resist gear. The Sapphiron fight sees the raid taking massive quantities of AoE frost damage, and healers will be stretched to the max keeping everyone topped off in case they get ice blocked. To help lighten the load Svenn put in some time on Saturday crafting a frost resist set.

The mats for the actual armor pieces itself were not too bad and I was able to make the Icebane Chestguard, Icebane Threads, and Icebane Girdle on the cheap. Figuring out a way to wear them all and stay above the defense cap was a different story. Svenn turned to his favorite Jewel Crafter, Grayce, to provide him with top of the line + Defense Gems for all the available slots. Breaking the bank on gems however was not enough, and I had to get creative with the rest of my gear. After a switching out some of my Naxx gear with earlier craftable epics that heaped +defense instead of mitigation like dodge and parry, I was close to the cap. What put me over the top was a retro trinket from Outlands that had been taking up bank space since who knows when. The Adamantite Figurine had just enough defense rating to put me at the cap.

With Frost Resistance Aura up, Svenn is at 417 Resistance which is the resistance cap, and will cut down Frost damage by 75%. I managed enough +stamina to be at 30k health with kings on too, so there should be no problems main tanking Sapph once we get to him. While it probably isn't really necessary to have all that resistance it should make life a little easier for the healers. Hopefully, having the the Aura up will be enough for the rest of the raid and they will be spared the expense of resist gear (it shouldn't really be a problem with the heaps of talent we have currently in the progression group). Svenn can't wait to give it a shot!


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