World Cup WoW

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

With the World Cup entered into its final days of the group stages, teams are starting to show their true colors. As Wrath enters its final stage, a parallel can be drawn to guilds showing their true colors. From HC to casual, Svenn has drawn up a handy list to help figure out where your guild stands.
France: Big name stars, big egos. Some of the best players on the realm are found among the ranks of this guild’s raid team which seems destined for success. Unfortunately, while there is no “I” in team, there is a “me” and an abundance of talent all too often translates in to a strong individual sense of entitlement. Raid teams like this seem destined for greatness yet often fall far short of the mark, devolving into e-peen contests. Mutiny against the RL and rage quit often follow and the raid hearths back to Paris, I mean Dal, in disgrace.

Ivory Coast: One man show. This guild’s raid team is built around 1 or 2 key individuals. They shoulder the weight for the under-performers and can make or break the raid. If the Didier Drogba of the guild doesn’t show or has an off day, this raid is headed on a one way trip to wipesville.

United States: Scrappy and surprising. Free of huge expectations, this guild enjoys a moderate level of raiding success. They won’t be on the cutting edge of the raid scene anytime soon, but they continue to make inroads above and beyond what was anticipated. Miraculous 91st minute kills are met with joyous eruptions on vent, and no can take away the excitement or sense of accomplishment they exude on a progression kill, even if they are a month behind the server leaders.

Brazil: The machine. This guild is expected to, and often does, deliver greatness. A perennial contender for server first kills, they are methodic in their raiding. Like a machine, they grind through content, using only the optimal raid compositions and specs; Min-Max is their motto. Their habitual success can breed contempt at times, but insulated deeply in their own raiding culture, it more often results in an elitism that inspires rather than insults.

Germany: Perplexing performances. This guild has all the tools necessary to stand among the best, and the history to ensure continued access to new talent. Even still, they down Lich King with ease yet somehow managing to miss the 11 meter penalty kick on Loot Ship resulting in a troubling wipe. Ups and downs are just part of the game for this proven raid team, and no matter the outcome, they will be among the top performers again next expansion.

Canada: Please and thank you. This guild doesn’t make it to the world stage at all. Its raid team, if you can call it that, is scrapped together from whoever is online at the time. They may not go too far, but you better believe they’ll have fun getting there. Players are polite and the atmosphere enjoyable, progression is best left to the Brazils of the world.

What category does your guild fall into? I'm sure I've left out a few categories, so feel free to make up your own. Who's your team for the cup?


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Inno said...

It seems that you've forgotten a very important part to these amazing teams. Where are the fans? The ones who play the game in their spare time to pretend that they are part of the big teams? What about the fans that like to look around and see what the "winners" are doing?

I'm a winner on my team of one.

June 23, 2010 at 4:24 PM
Anonymous said...

I say I am England. Inventor of the true game (Nintendo, Sega, Super Nintendo) and continuing to play at modern levels with all the bells and whistles of an RPG. (XBox 360) Though brilliance has only been shown once, the old guard are still a force to be reckoned with. Our motto, "If it wasn't for us, you wouldn't be here mate. Cheers!"


June 24, 2010 at 8:02 PM

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