Warrior Wins!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Polls closed over the weekend with Warrior winning in a comparative landslide. The tally stood at:
Warrior- 9 votes
Shammy- 5 votes
Mage- 4 votes
Rogue- got 1 late vote so it wouldn't feel completely left out.

With the results all but secured as of last weekend, Svenn trotted out his Warrior Gundther to get to work. Long the bank toon for Svenn, there was some logistics involved in transferring massive amounts of junk, bank guild transfer, real guild invite for Gundther, and standing up another bank toon to take over AH operations.

Decked in heirloom gear and random greens, Gundther was able to plow to lvl 30 hardly venturing far from Stormwind. Between Xp from Battlegrounds and targeted use of the LFG tool (random always seemed to put me in some group halfway through Gnomer with no way to get to them due to fast respawn times and patrols) leveling seems like a totally different game.

Gundther did some experimentation with tanking with a two hand weapon (Heirloom piece with Crusader Enchant) full Fury talents for the health returns. It seemed to work out fine for the low level stuff, though misses caused aggro troubles on a few pulls. Once he hits 40, he will dual spec and build a proper tanking set (I just can't see doing it now and grinding out the next 10 levels prot...I already did that once on Svenn).

While He is not looking forward to the next 50 levels, the changes made to leveling should make this grind the fastest yet....here's hoping anyways :)


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Inno said...

Bluechicken leveled in Protection spec. It's not all that bad once you have shield-slam in your rotation on every cool down. I don't know that I'd recommend it, but I haven't tried it with the BoA gear.

If you're made of money then by all means dual spec it!

February 1, 2010 at 11:45 AM

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