Speeeeed Runnn!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Svenn has talked previously about speed tanking Heroics, so its no surprise that he was involved in yet another speedy feat. What is a surprise, is that he was healing on Knutsen when it occurred.

I zoned into UK, was greeted by a /p "hello tree, buff enroute". The tank then commenced to pull. I thought to myself, "oh great, another go-go-go PuG", but decided to grin and bear it- confident I could heal through just about anything in the cakewalk that is UK.

Seven minutes later it was all over. /p "thanks tree, dropping". 7 Minutes!

Turns out (as I gleaned info on quick mouseovers of the party while running frantically to keep up), the other 4 were all from the same server/guild and all had gear scores in the 5.3-5.4k range. They moved with the precision of a Swiss watch, and I was grateful I got to come along for the ride.

I'm sure there is some disbelief out there, I could hardly believe it myself and I was there. For those skeptics, I have taken the liberty of unpacking some of the art and the science involved in the run. Also, there's a screenie!

The Art:
The tank (warrior) took the most efficient route through the instance. Every pull was clean, unbroken, and flowed naturally into the next one. The initial pull cleared the whole entrance way, and the stragglers followed the tank into the main forge area where the next two groups were dropped in quick succession- forcing down the flame walls. The "stables" area was done with 2 pulls (which again flowed smoothly together), with the tank threading a perfect line down the center of the room, leaving both sides alone and unaggroed.

The next two groups were pulled together into the room with the boss, which was picked up as the AoE was downing the last of the mobs from the previous 2 pulls- he was down in 22seconds. The next hallway was pulled all the way to the stairs where, once down, engineering rocketboots, etc. were activated (glad I remembered to switch to cat and activate dash). Groups I didn't think possible to be skipped were bypassed along the second set of steps (I prowled for fear of accidental aggro, probably the only time I was out of combat the entire run).

The second boss was down before I could blink, and the remaining groups were pulled into Ingvar, who took the longest to kill due to the set piece during his tradition to his undead state. All in all, the run was as much a thing of beauty as any run lasting only 7 minutes can be.

The Science:
Still disbelieving what happened, I went back and did some research, here is what I came up with...Warning: this involves Math!

DPS 1 -5317 DPS
DPS 2 -4996 DPS
DPS 3 -4015 DPS
Tank - 1957 DPS
Healer -4 DPS
Total: 16289 damage per second (average)

7 minutes = 420 seconds. @16289 DPS = 6841380 total damage done.

The 6.8 million figure assumes that all DPS were always in combat (total damage done would have been more useful data, but alas I didn't screenshot that), total out of combat time was probably about 20seconds over the course of the 7 minute run ~4% of the time, so that total damage done number drops to somewhere around 6567725.

Having no way to calculate the exact amount of health for each mob engaged (at least in any practical way while flying through the instance) I calculated the bosses Hps as guideline to see how much of the total damage would be left for the mobs.

Prince Keleseth, 403200 Hp
Skarvald/Dalronn combined, 417056 Hp
Ingvar both phases, 247627 Hp
for a grand total of 1315510 Health Points.

This leaves a little over 5.25 million damage left for the trash....that's a lot of trash!

And there you have it, the 7 minute UK run....oh, and the screenie I promised too, notice the buff up-time (upper left), and that's after looting, teleporting out, and chatting about the run in guild chat for a bit too :)*


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Inno said...

I think my head would still be spinning from a whirlwind run of that magnitude.

February 2, 2010 at 7:52 PM
onzuimsr said...

i would love that for my daily every day

February 3, 2010 at 1:23 PM

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