Looking For Multitudes?

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Apparently not. While scores of folks have netted themselves a few achievements and a non-combat pet out of the new LFG tool, Svenn is sitting just past the 10 PuGs required for the 1st achievement, and is nowhere near the required amount for the title “The Patient”. Well, “sure” you say, “he has about a billion alts”- the thing is Svenn has been farming the crap out of heroics to get badges to put together a decent Ret set.

On the few occasions Svenn has used the LFG tool the que has been instantaneous (5k gear score + tank = Win), but those occasions have been few and far between. Here are a few observations:

1. Playing Time: Svenn doesn’t have a huge amount of time to play…dang blog cutting into my free time. Since he isn’t camped out in front of the comp all day, he does less runs- thus less PuGs.
If you fall into this category- you may want to reacquaint yourself with the outdoors (unless you have a laptop and Wi-Fi, in which case, have at it!)

2. Playing Times: Different from “playing time”, Svenn’s play time fits nicely with others in his guild, thus making guild only runs much more accessible/ easy to put together than others who are online at odd times.
If you fall into this category- you may want to find a guild in your timezone, or recruit some friends so you have someone to group with.

3. Demand: As we saw in a previous post, tanks and healers are always in demand for 5mans, as Svenn can fit either of those categories (though he recently dropped healing for Ret) he is almost always assured a spot in any guild 5man that is forming.
If you fall into this category- you may want to dual-spec, or find some other way to make yourself indispensable (dropping funny one-liners throughout a run maybe?).

4.“The Patient”: The true title should come from guild only runs. These runs take time to put together in gchat, usually take longer to finish (Somebody wants to bring an new Alt, people are more inclined to go AFK with a guild group- knowing the group will wait, etc.). Svenn always asks in gchat if there is any interest in a run before turning to the LFG tool- even a partial guild run is preferable to a PuG, why help folks you don’t know get badges at the expense of guildies?
If you fall into this category the “Log and Look”- you may want to relook why you are in a guild at all.

Do not take this to mean that if you PuG you are a terrible person and should just /gquit your guild. These are just some personal observations Svenn had – take ‘em or leave ‘em. Plus, Svenn really likes lists:)


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Inno said...

Also read "DPS not needed..." Tank and heals are needed now more than ever it seems. The problem as I see it for the guild is that we have tons of toons, but a very limited number of guild members. Therefore it's better to pug as DPS imo and my opinion is all that counts.

January 19, 2010 at 1:22 PM

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