Inverse Relations

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

DPS often gets maligned in WoW. The common perception is that there are too many of them, they are all "noobs", and there is never enough Tanks and Healers to go around. On one level this conception is true. As seen in figure 1 below, there are too many DPS. Compound that the DPS in this situation may be somebody's alt with sheer numbers, and you almost always insure at least one unskilled player in the group.

figure 1.
This labeling however, is unfair as we will see in figure 2. At the high end of raiding, healers and tanks are the first to get benched. Each encounter requires a set number of tanks, there is no room on the roster for an "extra" tank, and if you can get it done with less-great! Likewise with healers; while a 25 man raid may start its progression with 6 healers rostered, as the raid group becomes familiar with the content/ gear-up, extra healers become a liability. After all, excess healers and tanks are taking up valuable slots that could be filled with more Pew-Pew.

figure 2.

So, what is Svenn trying to say? No idea, really, I think he just likes making graphics... or maybe, next time he is in a group he will try and cut everyone some slack and remember he is a lot more replaceable than a good DPS :)


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Inno said...

Everyone in a group is expendable with the exception of any toon that I'm playing.

With the advent of the pug tool, you will see many people being vote-kicked for the slightest infraction. You may think they're being rude, but as stated on the guild site... why were you voted off the island? It is something that can really offend you? Maybe. Is there something you can do to work on your on player skill? Probably. DPS is so easy to find with the tool that it's almost sad and they won't cut you much slack unless they're fail players as well, but I've had an entire group leave after they checked my gear out on my healer. What am I doing? I'm getting better gear (although to tell the truth I think I do well with my poor gear).

Who is this Shadowbreeze spammer on your site?

January 12, 2010 at 11:15 AM

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