Top 5: Heroics

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Rather than finishing his class work or writing any real content for the blog, as Svenn is incredibly lazy, its time for yet another Top 5 list; Heroics.

1. Utgarde Keep (UK): Maybe its nostalgia, UK was the first Heroic Svenn ever tanked, maybe its the ease and relative quickness of the place, but Svenn has always had a soft spot for UK. The design and artwork of the place isn't incredible, though the forge area at the beginning is worth pausing for a look at with its flame walls, anvils, and whatnot. It is a great proving grounds for new specs, crazy ideas like lock tanking, and of course casting path of frost when running out at the end and listening to the surprise in the voices of your group mates as they die on contact.... not that Haager would ever do such a thing.

2. The Culling of Stratholme (CoT4): Svenn has always found the Caverns of Time instances among the best in the game. From both a lore standpoint and an immersion standpoint CoT is probably tops, the mission within a mission design of CoT4 is enjoyable too.

3. Trial of the Champion (ToC): This instance is tailor made for Pally Tanks, hence Svenn’s love for it; the lack of trash is good too. The fact that it rains epics doesn't hurt either.

4. Halls of Lightning (HoL): Some of the encounters are a bit annoying, but the inside is spectacular. Svenn highly suggests you take a minute and pan the camera around to take in the full scope of the cavernous layout.

5. OK, so maybe it’s a top 4 list. Places that don’t make the list are The Occulus and anything with spiders. UP, VH, and Nexus are all Meh. Halls of Stone would have made the list based on the whole Brann storyline, except that place is kinda annoying and Svenn doesn’t enjoy it all that much (the inside artwork is pretty amazing there too).

Want to make a case for your favorite instances, leave a comment.


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Inno said...
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Inno said...

1. Scarlet Monastery: This place was amazing when I first went there and is still fun today. Where else do you expect a level 60 rogue in the original WoW to hang out? Farming twink weapons I was!

2. Dire Maul: It's like SM but on roids and it's all interconnected. Were you one of the few locks that actually got your epic mount in here? I know I was. It is now know as DM, and Dead Mines is now VC...but I remember when VC was DM since DM didn't exist yet...

3. Trial of the Inno w/ a few extra players, otherwise known as ToC. Able to skip the dialogue at the beginning? Check. First bosses on normal ToC not resetting as much after jousting? Check. Inno not face napping all the time in there? Check. Enjoyable for a few quick badges... We all want a tree pet don't we (mine is nerfed though, it doesn't heal me...kinda like the other trees).

4. Wailing Caverns: Have you ever finished this place without getting lost finding at least one of the Fang mini-bosses? I think I didn't get lost maybe once or twice. Very nice dungeon.

5. Any other instances are ones where team mates have to actually plan pulls and use other abilities beyond "pew pew pew...rinse...repeat"... It's getting really boring really quickly and is turning off peoples brains with all the repetitive actions and no on the fly thinking. Soon we'll be happy when WoW is dumbed down to Hello Kitty Adventure.

December 2, 2009 at 12:58 PM

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