Monday Musings Part 1.

Monday, November 2, 2009

While Svenn has been slacking off, Dinging 80 with his 5th toon (Helmuth the Hunter) and helping out the early raid group in Naxx (Healing that place is way different than tanking that's for sure! Thanks for breaking my priest in easy; Loatheb...O.o), the lovely and talented Shaara has benn busy at the keyboard picking up the slack.

Below is Part One of yet another Epic Tale written exclusively for Svenn Blog:

Booty Bay. I removed a gauntlet and wiped the sweat out of my eyes. Plate mail is hardly the attire of choice for a tropical southern climate like this pirate city but I am a servant of the Light. Servants of the Light don’t abandon their armor for culottes just because they feel a little warm. I slid my hand back into my gauntlet and made my way into the labyrinthine maze of Booty Bay. As I walked, I kept a sharp eye out and one hand on my sword. This town had a reputation. I narrowed my eyes as a beefy Tauren passed unnecessarily close to me, nearly bumping my shoulder. He let out a guffaw at my low, annoyed growl. My lips narrowed; I was sorely tempted to teach this scoundrel a lesson but I restrained myself and moved on. There would be time enough another day to rid this city of its filth.

Soon enough, I found myself in the dark cool recesses of the Salty Sailor Tavern. The Salty Sailor isn’t a place you might expect to find a paladin such as myself but I once did a favor for a goblin named Whiskey Slim back in my younger days. Ever since then I’ve always found a warm welcome and an open barstool at Nixxrax’s watering hole. I settled down and ordered a grog, enjoying the way the cool foam slid down my parched throat. It had been a long day and my plate was wearing heavy. Suddenly I heard a squeaky voice from around the proximity of my shin.

“My, you’re a tall one! I sure wish you’d been around the Arena earlier today!”

Frowning, I looked down just in time to see a small, pink-haired gnome hop up onto the stool next to me. “Mind if I ask what your specialty is?” he shrilled, adjusting his spectacles.

“I specialize in retribution. Might I inquire as to whom I am speaking?” I asked frigidly.

“Oh! Dinky Dolittle, at your service! Pleased to meet you!” And he held out a tiny hand for me to clasp. I tried my hardest not to break it as we shook hands.

“I am pleased to meet you as well, Sir Dolittle.” I said gravely. “Am I to understand that you had some trouble in the vicinity of the arena?” I felt concern take hold of me. While the gnome was of a cheerful disposition, he had clearly undergone some trying ordeal. His armor was in poor shape; pieces hung haphazardly at every angle. He was quite small (as gnomes are apt to be; they are not a large race by any means) and I felt certain that someone had taken advantage of him, if not outright abused him.

“Oh yes,” said the gnome. “I was running by the Gurubashi Arena this afternoon when I heard the challenge issued for a fighter to come forth and take the prize. As there seemed to be no one about but myself, I thought to steal into the arena and take the treasure. That’s when it happened. A huge Tauren, much more powerful than me, came out of nowhere and ganked me. Obviously he made off with the treasure as I lay helplessly on the arena floor. When I was myself again, I yelled at him but all he had to say was ‘Kek!’” The gnome looked defeated and listless as he swilled his half-empty mug of grog. “I wasn’t strong enough to do anything about it so I just tried to get out of there but he harassed me every step of the way. It took me seven tries to make it back to the road. I don’t even want to think about how much it’s going to cost to repair my armor!” Dinky Dolittle took a long swig and sighed.

I was incensed. “This is an outrage!” I cried. “The arena is supposed to exist so that all may have a fair chance at the treasure. That you were so ignobly outmatched was treacherous; that you were thence harassed so foully is not to be borne. This knave must be taught a lesson!” I banged my mailed fist on the bar, causing our mugs to jump into the air. Nixxrax glared at me from behind the counter and I surriptitously brushed splinters of wood away from my place. Oops. “Sir Dolittle, make haste to finish thy grog. Vengeance awaits; we ride!” Startled, the gnome tried to gulp his beer and spilled most of the rest of it down his moustaches. He hastily jumped down from his stool and furling his wand cried “Onward and upward!”

Outside the entrance to the pirate city, we mounted and rode. Like grim death, we hastened to the Gurubashi Arena, not speaking the entire way. One there, we tethered our mounts a small ways away in the brush and sat down to refresh ourselves for battle. Together we made our plans. “Sir Dolittle, you shall only observe from the stadium benches. Be careful not to enter the arena floor lest you be drawn into the conflict. You have suffered enough cruelty today and I would not have you suffer more. I alone shall deal with this malcontent and I shall slay him.”

“Sounds good to me!” piped my tiny, tired friend. I could see that the day’s evil had worn on him. I vowed not to fail. Just then I heard the challenge issue throughout the arena and the surrounding area.

“Wish me luck, friend. Come, let us move to the arena.”

Stealthily, my hooves making hardly any noise, I moved to the floor of the arena. I saw no one about. Could it be that the coward who had harassed my friend was too afraid to show his face to me? Had he abandoned the arena now that all sport was done? Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw him. I spat on the ground. “You!” I said with fury. “I should have known it would be one of your kind.” Before me stood the Tauren with whom I had brushed shoulders earlier…and he was a death knight.

“Kek!” laughed the Tauren.

I did not speak his barbarian tongue but I understood him to be mocking me. I was only too happy to assume the Blessing of Might and raise my sword to rid the world of this abomination. “Taste my steel, putrescence!” I shouted and charged....


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