Hallow's End Harmony

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Svenn is at it once again; a new holiday brings a new song. As with the "Brewfest Blues", this was orriginally written for the amuesement of his guildies...

As sung to the tune of "Goldeneye" by Tina Turner

See exclamations in the city
Offering quests for Hallow’s End
See him burning all Goldshire
Get some buckets, flames to fend

Headless-guy I found his weakness
Headless-guy he’ll do what I please
Headless-guy no time for sweetness
But DPSWill bring him to his knees

You’ll never know how I pugged groups just to kill you
You’ll never know how it feels
to be the one without your mount
You’ll never know the days, the nights, the tears I’ve cried
But now my time has come
And time, time, it’s time to ride

See him move throughout the graveyard
Feel him rise up from the ground
Other toons they gather round him
If I had him I wouldn’t let him live

Headless-guy no ring or helmet
Gonna loot him on the spot
Headless-guy I’ll grind forever
It’ll take forever for the mount to drop

You’ll never know how it feels
to be the one without your mount
You'll never know how it feels
To get so close and be denied
It’s a snake and freezing trap
I’ve got for you tonight
Revenge is to kiss,
Hit capped- I won’t miss
Now I’ve got you in my sight
With a Headless-guy,
Headless, Headless-guyyyyyyyy
With a Headless-guy


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Svenn I loved this! As someone who is grinding for that elusive flying horse, I feel the pain!

October 28, 2009 at 1:33 PM

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