Flashback Friday: Heigan

Friday, October 2, 2009

FIST's First Heigan Kill as told by Rewodahs (March 09)
A small group of Fisties gathered at the Naxx entrance. Another meeting with Heigan had been scheduled. It was decided that '5' wipes worth of "Dancing lessons" would be adequate training for the evening, lol. The fact that a full complement of 10 was not available did not faze anyone as the outcome was highly certain anyway...lessons only, no degree.
As the group buffed up and prepared its ranks were eventually filled as more Fisities were cajoled into joining and one non-Fistie offered to help. When all were ready, we made our way inside and moved toward our first encounter. The trash mobs offered little resistance and we were able to move at a relatively quick pace through the instance and entered Heigan's Dance Studio.

Totems were placed in strategic locations to mark the 4 zones. In addition, our contingent of pyromaniacs placed campfires to augment the totem locations. When everyone signalled Corday that they were ready, she made her approach toward Heigan and the "Dance Macabre" had begun.

Healers and ranged fighters rushed to the platform and melee moved to Heigan to help the main tank. Corday waltzed Heigan through the zones in a seemingly effortless motion. Her mastery of the dance was a joy to behold.In attempt after attempt, she consistently performed as one by one others fell around her. She was ably assisted by Svenn who took over when the clod with the 2 left feet (Heigan) tripped her up.

Each try was an improvement on the one before and the group was getting more into the swing of things after each "lesson." It was joked that the bodies of those who fell were useful as zone markers for those that remained.Aside from being killed by the ooze that gushed up from cracks in the floor at each zone sequence, Heigan also had the ability to give one "Dance Fever" if you got too close to him. Rather then help you dance, its mainly fatal, lol.

Hamm, otherwise known as Lord of the Dance,along with Corday, were able to run the phase II zone gauntlet with relative ease and kept the whole performance moving along until the "final" curtain, lol. As time went on , most players were getting a better feel for the rythm of the dance and lasting longer and longer. Ginn, the crazed chef, at peril to himself,was even able to get off some autoshots during the phase II speed runs.

After about 7 or 8 tries it was decided that we would make one last try (or 2). Corday started up the band and we all raced to our positions. Smoothly and proficiently we went through our paces. As to be expected, there were a few losses but the main body of the group held up and continued to "Boogie" the night away. Back and forth they moved with Heigan in a dance that the judges from Dancing with the Stars would definitely give all 10s.

And, after a while, whats this, it cant possibly be true, Heigan is DOWN !!! Finally, after all the effort and frustration the sweet smell of victory is in the air. Fist has earned its dancing shoes. Kudos to all involved.

Thanks to Rew, for recording this epic tale in such grandeur and story telling prowess.


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Inno said...

I like your way of telling the story Rew, makes me wish I was there. Is there possibly more to come?

October 2, 2009 at 11:38 AM

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