Why Wintergrasp?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Svenn never really payed much attention to Wintergrasp, he doesn't go in much for PvP, and as such has only done a few battles in WG (mainly because he was mining ore when the battle kicked off). Looking at what the vendor had to offer, there just wasn't much there to tempt a PVE Pally Tank, and he figured his time was better spent elsewhere. (He did pick up the Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle early on for his host of Alternate Identities.) All that changed this week as Cromm was asked along to a WG raid.

Back in the Burning Crusades, Cromm was the main show. He was in a small and unadventurous guild that didn't do much in the way of raiding. Being fairly new to WoW, Cromm stood in awe of players who walked around Shatt decked in their shiny epics, so when he found out he could get a slice of that action through the PvP honor system, he just couldn't resist. Besides that, PvP with a Warlock just seems so much more satisfying than Pally PvP (especially if you are specced prot).

Anyways, Cromm went along for the ride and actually enjoyed himself in Wintergrasp, even if he is terrible at PvP. He was amazed at how quick the honor stacked up, and acquired several Wintergrasp Marks as well. The array of gear available for DPS was staggering, and Cromm picked up several additions to his kit. Say what you will about "welfare epics", if it has hit rating on it, Cromm can use it for PvE. With four toons at 80, not everyone gets their fair share of the raid love, and while Cromm is moving into a more primary raiding role, if the raid needs a tank then he's out and Svenn is in.

So, while you won't see much of Svenn in WG, and in general it doesn't hold much in the way useful tank gear- it is a boon to the DPSers who want to prepare for the raids they may eventually get invited to. Svenn's advice is get there quick though, the patch notes for 3.2 indicate some major changes for how Wintergrasp will work, which may or may not be benificial to the casual PvPer.


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