Svenn's Got Game.....maybe?

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yesterday Svenn got an e-mail that his site was included in the Twisted Nether Blog Roll. As a part of the blog roll he could write a small synopsis of "The Misadventures of Svenn". Now, Svenn wants very much to provide a quality blog and expand his reader base (thus feuling his monstrous ego), but had a hard time finding something to put down on his wiki. While it is one thing to write with some semblance of self assuredness on the "Svenn Blog", he found it an entirely different thing to try and sum up and "sell" the site.

Rewrite after rewrite left him wondering why anyone not directly connected with Svenn or FIST (the guild Svenn is in) would come to the site, let alone become a part of the "reader base" so often talked about by more seasoned bloggers. Svenn follows several WoW blogs, reads their massive comment lists, and even leaves his own remarks occasionally, yet is still a "noob" in the blogging community, and as such, less than confident in this arena.

I find it interesting that the same medium that emboldens so many in Trade Chat, through its provision of anonymity, could at the same time intimidate a rookie blogger. After all, few readers know Svenn as the cocky tankadin from FIST, and fewer still know him "IRL" as they say, so why should he care how others view his blog or choose to pay him a visit based off his wiki?

Gelvon over at the Greedy Goblin wrote about the "socials" in one of his posts and, regardless of what he has to say about them, they make up the bulk of the blogosphere/WoW/life. Svenn wants to appeal to socials (truth be told, he probably is one at heart), goblins, and everyone else too. Larisa over at The Pink Pigtail Inn has a great rebuttal to Gelvon's arguement, saying in essence that it takes all kinds. This is a community, and while Svenn may not be the typical new kid on the first day of school, he certainly isn't immune to a little trepidation now and again. So, check out the wiki blurb and let me know what you think- it's a wiki so, it isn't set in stone, and changes can be made if you have suggestions.


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