Spotlight Hamm

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Name: Richard Yu

Number of Alts: 3x 80s, assorted lower toons

Favorite Toon: Hamm or Bombadil

Hometown/ Where are you now: Originally from Taiwan, spent 20 yrs in New York City, now in Austin Texas

Favoritie Food: anything flavorful

Pets: not as many as Femtobot, Amethyst or Qweniver (0 IRL)

1 Well known Fact about you: gchat from Exodar AH as much as I actually play WoW

1 Little Known fact about you: Hamm is named after a chracter in the Mike Baron comic book from the 80's, The Badger.

Your greatest WoW moment: Most recent one was in a Naxx25 PUG fighting Noth, sheer chaos quickly reduced the raid down to about 15 people before aggro stablized. Hamm and one other healer used everything down to bandages to keep the remaining raid alive until Noth was down.

Your greatest moment outside of WoW: When I realized this certain chick named Katie actually really digs me! She's now the mother of my two kids.


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Beth said...

Wow. "Not Hamm" looks kind of tired in that picture. Still looks good though, thanks Hamm. :)

July 29, 2009 at 9:20 AM

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