Conversing with Dragons

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Svenn: Hey Razor, mind if I call you razor?

Razorscale: Rawr!!!!!!!

Svenn: No? Ok, fine. Anyways, I'm Svenn, you know the pally tank you like to NOM on.

Razor: !?!???

Svenn: The one from FIST, a small casual guild that occassionaly runs 10man content in a fun and relaxed environment and may or may not be recruiting (sorry full up on Fire Breathing Dragons at the moment).

Razor: >:0

Svenn: Yeah, THAT Svenn.
Well, as we are so chill and all, how 'bout we let bygones be bygones and you give us some of your shinnies.

Razor: lol

Svenn: /sigh
Svenn: Happy now?

Gratz to all involved in last nights Razorscale death!


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