Farm v. Finance

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Raiding starts up again tonight with 2 nights to work on progression in Ulduar and 2 nights for the Naxx farm run. Svenn is woefully unprepared from a consumables standpoint. Rather than take Haager out to farm for Frost Lotus so Cromm could mix up some tasty flasks, Cromm got leveled instead. Rather than spend some time fishing for feasts with Svenn, Cromm got leveled instead. Rather than grind out that last little bit of Hodir rep....well, you get the idea.

The thing is, while going through Cromm's bags last night before logging, I noticed that the gold from quest rewards and vendor trash had stacked up to a modest sum (more than enough to pay for the week's raiding). Sure it would be nice to have gotten the mats for "free" and pocketed the gold, but with limited play time it was one or the other.

Looking at it a different way, it reveals Svenn's priorities to a certain degree. He would rather spend some gold for the stuff he needs, thus enabling him to work on other less mundane tasks, than put in the time farming (farming is not hard, just tedious). At the same time, Svenn is fully committed to showing up to raids fully stocked with flasks, pots, and food, and as such must face the question "farm or finance"? For now (at least until Cromm hits the magic 8-0) Svenn will be making some auction house robber barons a bit richer.


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