Monday, June 29, 2009

With the break in raiding this past week, due to the holiday event, Cromm finally got some love. While it wasn't all "Croc Surfing".....

and Magic Carpet rides......

it wasn't that painful as far as leveling goes. He went from 72 to 77 from Friday to Sunday night. The extra XP from the Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle made it well worth the Stonekeeper shards. Cromm didn't do extensive testing, but I think the extra XP bonus from the Fire Festival stacked with the Mantle making things even quicker.

Cromm recruited some help for the "Wanted" quests in Dragonblight as well as the Zul'Drak Arena quests for more quick XP. Demo spec allowed him to farm the Magnatuar Elites in DB for a quick 8k XP per kill (with about 30sec downtime between kills waiting for respawn). At 76 he headed to the Sholazar Basin and quested to lvl 77 in just over 2hours, still making it the best "at level" zone for XP gain in the game. After heading off to train cold weather flying and his level 77 skills (of which there aren't many) Cromm decided to call it quits, and probably won't see 80 for another week or so.

All in all it was not that bad a push, and it was definitely good to get Cromm out of retirement (he was my first toon to 70 pre Wrath). And, as an added bonus, Cromm found his true soul mate in this fellow 'lock, while on a sunset cruise from Stormwind....


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