To Bind or Not to Bind

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Svenn has a confession to make; He is by all accounts a "clicker". Shocking I know, but true none the less. There has always been a divide between Key Binders and Clickers. The Binders on one side lay claim to faster access to abilities, the clickers lay claim to well, being more clickier I guess.

Svenn doesn't have any particular reason for being a clicker, nor does he harbour ill will towards those who use key bindings. He is lazy by nature and never bothered to set up key bindings and got used to tanking without them. With the possible exception of Holy Shield, there doesn't seem to be much motility gained from key binding from a tanking perspective. (A simple, clickable mind you, macro will chain cast it for you thus removing even the need to key bind this essential tanking spell). Personally, i don't use the macro, sometimes I need to take a little damage to get a heal. Heals = Mana = better TPS/DPS.

The problem as Svenn sees it is that there are only so many keys accessible for key binding once you take one hand away for mouse operations (looking around, click targeting if tab targeting wont pick up the desired mob, etc.) and several fingers out of the game for awsd key movement and the like. This tends to restrict the number of abilities actually used in combat to those that are conveniently bound, ie. your bread and butter abilities thus a large part of the pally's (any class really) arsenal goes unused. Where as, by clicking there is a limit to how fast you can move a mouse around the screen, clicking abilities, targeting mobs, shifting point of view, etc.. You don't limit yourself to those spells and abilities you have literally at the tips of your fingers, you do however limit your throughput, in this case Threat per Second or TPS.

The proposed solution from Svenn's perspective is somewhat of a hybrid design. Key binds of some (insert class here) essentials is desirable for improved efficiency, but a clicking of other abilities should be a regular part of play style as well. This would increase throughput, measured in Svenn's case in TPS, and inventiveness in adding other abilities into spell/shot/prot rotations.

At the end of the day, key bind or click, doesn't really matter, its whatever feels comfortable and leads to increased enjoyment in game. Svenn still uses the hunt and peck typing technique, and as such feels more at ease slinging the mouse around the screen like a squirrel on meth. How about you, key bind or clicker? Let us know, leave a comment..... we're not judging you, honest.


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